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In 1923, businessmen from the Los Angeles area established Idyllwild Pines as a place for outdoor Christian education.

Now, 90 years later, Idyllwild Pines still continues its Christian ministry of providing a beautiful place to learn about God. We are nestled in the majestic San Jacinto Mountains, at the mile-high altitude.

What began as a small campsite of platform tents and stone fireplaces is now a 50 acre facility that can accommodate up to 500 campers in the Summer and 350 campers in the Fall, Winter and Spring. We minister to churches, schools and others by providing comfortable and spacious facilities, as well as inspiring programming and staff that has a passion to support you.

Idyllwild Pines Camp, a Christian camp & retreat center has multi-use facilities from cabins to dormitories, and a number of spacious meeting rooms and dining halls. We offer fun and challenging activities during your camp stays.


Our mission is to Encourage our guests to live lives that inspire the next generation to make The Faith, Their Faith!.
Matthew 28:18-20


To Serve Christ & Christians through camps and retreats which provide connective, high-energy, life-changing programs for churches, schools, teams and groups.


Kevin Relyea
Executive Director
Kevin Relyea Bio

Kevin Relyea Bio

Kevin has spent over 30 years leading groups and organizations. After starting his restaurant career flipping burgers at a "Jack in the Box" in Southern California when he was sixteen years old, He finished his restaurant career with a seven year assignment as Chairman, CEO, and President of "Prandium Inc". Prandium, which owned and operated restaurant brands like "El Torito", "Casa Gallardo", "Chi Chi's", "Coco's", "Carrows", "Hamburger Hamlet", "Koo Koo Roo", "Charlie Browns", "Reubens", "Keystone Grill", and "Las Brisas" was a publically traded, international, "Fortune 500″ company which had, at one point, 25,000+ staff and 1.2 billion dollars in annual sales.

Kevin has spent the last twenty-five years working in (and studying) church leadership. Just like he learned the restaurant business from the ground up, he has been learning about church leadership over the years through his service, his study and by working with pastors. He has been an elder in his church, bible teacher, small group leader, Mens Ministry leader, Sunday School Director and a Sunday School teacher of both adults and children.

Kevin and his wife Mary have been married for thirty one years, live in Poway, California (a suburb of San Diego), have five children and five grandchildren.


Ted Ewing Bio

Over the past 30 years, Ted Ewing has served as a senior pastor, youth pastor, and university professor. He has also distinguished himself as an ice-cream-cone-dipper, sundae-maker and milkshake…shaker. Ted has always loved drama, music, and thinking up creative ways to express himself. After spending his school years entertaining his classmates and driving his teachers crazy with his witty one-liners and animated antics, he decided to channel his energy into communicating creatively for a living—while having fun at the same time—as a youth pastor. During those years of ministry, he also attended seminary to pursue his passion of knowing God and to sharpen his communication skills. He received a masters in Biblical Studies and a master of Divinity from the International School of Theology, then went on to earn his Ph.D. in Christian Education from Andrews University. He has taught in graduate and undergraduate programs at William Tyndale College, Harvest Bible College, Seattle Pacific University, Loma Linda University, and Taylor University. He has worked with in southern CA since 1980 and served as the senior pastor on two separate occasions, in this millennium and the last. Ted's proclivity for rough verbiage and heavily accented pronunciation comes from his upbringing in Philadelphia, PA. He lives in Idyllwild, CA with his wife, Jeanne, and a drooling but obedient golden retriever named Achilles.


Cindy Cooley

Finance & Human Resources Director

Kasandra Lovett

Marketing Manager


Marjie Ibanez

Guest Services

Joshua Grissom

Kitchen Manager




Ray Detwiler President
Marshall C. Scott Vice-President
Jeff Tabor Secretary/Treasurer
Kevin Relyea Executive Director, Board Member
Michael Sims Board Member
Caye Smith Board Member

Whether you are an Idyllwild Pines alumni, current or past staff member, or just someone who wants to be a part of the camp community; we would love to hear what you think, how Idyllwild Pines has been a part of your journey in life or anything else you want to contribute. Please join us in these places to share and see the passions of the Idyllwild Pines community!