Two Families Continue Camp Tradition for Children

The Caldwell Family and Kerschner Family are back for the 3rd consecutive year to help Idyllwild Pines with maintenance projects around the camp. IMG_0821

The Caldwell family and the Kerschner family are originally from Paso Robles, and after sometime, both families made the move to Southern California. The two families have become close friends over the years; raising their children together and doing fun activities together.

The couple, Mike and Joanna Caldwell, reside in Upland, CA and are always excited to spend their time up in Idyllwild. Growing up, Mike remembers attending the Southern California United Christian Ashram retreats at Idyllwild Pines Camp. He treasures those memories of camp and now he has the opportunity to take his children to a place where he felt closest to God. The Caldwells brought up to camp 6 of their 7 children: Malorie, Micah, Mason, Montana, Malachi, and Malea.

IMG_0843In addition, couple, Joe and Elisa Kerschner and the family joined the Caldwells in the days of service. The Kerschner family currently reside in Lancaster, CA. When asked how often do the Caldwells and Kerschners gather to spend time together, Elisa responded “We try to gather at least quarterly through the year”. The Kerschners brought up to camp all 12 of their children: Amy, Katie, Joe, Jim, John, Julie, Kimberly, Jacob, Holly, Joshua, Bethany, and Jason.

Kelly Schlenz, Operations Director, assigned work project to the families. Operations Director, Kelly Schlenz comments ” It was a true pleasure having the Caldwell family and the Kerschner Family serve at the camp. Their love for one another and joy for The Lord was truly evident. It is an incredible thing to see families who are so dedicated to teaching their children about service.”

IMG_0833Overall, Idyllwild Pines appreciates the hard work and their uplifting smiles, thank you Caldwells and Kerschners and we hope to see you again next year!

We welcome and love volunteers. If you would like to bring up a group for a day of service, or would like more information about this event, please contact Kelly Schlenz at 951-659-2605 or email at

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