6 Steps to Help You Overcome Challenges In Your Ministry

Idyllwild Pines Camp and Conference Center (IPCC) is a ministry and understands the challenges we face being a Christian organization aiming to help people be reconciled to God. Churchleader.com published an article titled, 6 Steps to Help You Overcome Challenges in Your church leaderMinistry. The article comments that “challenges only grow and get more complicated when we push them aside; we need to start confronting them systematically”.

IPCC hosts a diversity of Christian ministries and through that we are able to meet a lot of ministry leaders. They often share the transformation that God is doing in the people’s lives, but very little do we hear the challenges that their ministry faces. It could be that nobody wants to admit that there are challenges within the ministry, but the reality is that all ministry face or will face challenges. May this article be useful in strategically facing challenges and overcoming them. IPCC prays that your ministry be successful for the glory of God and may many more people be transformed by His Love and Grace.

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