IPCC Forms

Thank you for choosing Idyllwild Pines Camp for your Retreat location!!
To help you better prepare for your upcoming retreat please have the following forms ready before you arrive.

Required Forms for All Groups – Due two weeks before arrival
Event Detail Form – Plan your group activities! Paintball, Archery, Firepits, etc.
Camper Roster and Staff Roster – Names and Emergency Numbers are needed for each person at camp.
Participant Release of Liability Agreement Anyone coming to camp needs a liability form signed.

**Medical Release Form – Groups with minors need a signed medical release form when on trips. We have provided you with one if your organization does not have one.  You can use ours or your own.**

Groups staying 5 or more days or more, will need to provide a Group Health Supervisor who is either a physician, registered nurse, or licensed vocational nurse and the acquire the following information for campers.

Camper_Health_History_Form – Every camper and each staff member entering camp shall furnish a health history of his or her health status that is completed and signed by the individual camper or staff member, or by the parent or guardian if the camper or staff member is under the age of 18. This history shall be kept on-site as long as the camper of staff member is at camp and shall include a description of any health condition requiring medication, treatment, special restriction or consideration while at camp, a record of immunizations including date of the last tetanus shot, and a record of any allergies.

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  1. Hi,
    Are their opportunity to be a counselor or work in the kitchen or hospitality. I have been a camp counselor many years ago as a Senior in High school and 1st year of college at Biola University. I would like to work there in the summer if you have paid work. Please let me know I would love to do a job that allows me to share the love of Christ while helping others enjoy the outdoors. Please email at the above email when you have time. Thank you, Karen Spees

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