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At Idyllwild Pines our mission is to encourage our guests to live lives that inspire the next generation to make The Faith, Their Faith. Our beautiful mountain location provides a unique retreat location for guests to discover the wonders of creation and make significant life changing commitments.

As a non-profit organization, we depend on the spirit of giving from those who know us best, our valued guests, partner organizations, and friends.

Your generosity allow us to:

  • Cover operating costs, not covered by camper fees
  • Provide programming, activities that make the experience of Idyllwild Pines more than an adventure; a memory that will last a lifetime
  • Reach over 8,000 campers who attend camp annually

To make a gift, or for further information regarding gifts, please contact Kevin Relyea, Idyllwild Pines Camp’s Executive Director or you can use our online payment system by clicking here.  You can also fill out a Donor Information Card with your gift and mail it back Idyllwild Pines Camp.

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A Lasting Legacy

During the past few months we have been blessed here at camp to hear the stories of people whose lives were positively affected by Idyllwild Pines Camp. In record numbers, camp alumni are returning to our facility to walk around and relive their memories. We have been overjoyed to meet them, and are encouraged that God has used our camp to change so many lives. We were recently visited by Larry Linthicum, who met his wife Gwen LinthicumGwen (Photo Right) in 1963 at Idyllwild Pines Camp after someone paid each of their way to come to camp. They both accepted Christ and were married four years later in ’67, and remained together until her recent death in October 2014. He returned to the camp to revisit his memories, feel closer to her, and appreciate the long and happy life they spent together. Gwen is remembered for her love for children and beautiful smile.

David BixbyDavid Bixby, current Executive Vice President at Azusa Pacific University, attended camp at Idyllwild Pines in 1966. This was a difficult time in his life as he just had experienced the loss of his father and he, with his mother and 3 siblings, were living in government housing in Los Angeles feeling a great loss and trying to find their way. The best thing that happened to David was when someone paid his way to come to summer camp. For David, camp provided a place of comfort, much needed fun, and most importantly spiritual support. His counselor, Mr. Tate, impacted David through Godly love and leadership. Later in life, David was inspired to be a camp counselor himself, and now has a leadership position at one of the top Christian Universities in the nation.

If you have a story to share we would love to hear it! Please email us at

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IPCC Celebrates 29 Years of Partnership with Troy Camp


Here at Idyllwild Pines, we treasure our relationship with University of Southern California Troy Camp. This year will mark our 29th year partnership supporting their effort to enrich the lives of children. Since 1948 Troy Camp has served over 11,000 children in South Los Angeles.

Troy Camp is entirely student-run, raising 100% of its funds in order to bring inner-city kids to a transformational week-long camp every summer. Carefully selected undergraduates from USC serve as camp counselors, creating safe environments for kids to discuss important life issues and grow in community. Many of these counselors once came to Troy Camp as children, and were so positively impacted that they have a deep desire to serve with the program, so that, others may have a similar experience.

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Why Camp?


At IPCC we know that Camp is a special and unique way to positively impact the lives of others because we witness the positive affects every day. There are a number of things that make Camp valuable and set it apart. We devote our time and energy to supporting camp because we truly believe that it is important. Here is why.

Psychological studies are unanimous in supporting the idea that experiences in nature help to foster strong mental and emotional health. In particular, “nature experiences are particularly effective in increasing the healthiest combination of optimistic confidence and trusting surrender. Wilderness experiences lead to more trust and less need for control” (Davis 3).  Psychologists Kaplan and Talbot did a study on human reactions to nature, concluding:  “The wilderness is remembered as awesome, and is felt to have offered a compelling glimpse of a real world.”

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1 Corinthians 13 is More Than a Common Wedding Verse


Relevant Magazine published an article titled The 1 Corinthians ‘Love Chapter’ Isn’t Just For Weddings. Author, Aaron Ross, explains that the “Love Chapter” teaches us more about God and how we should be as Christ followers. Ross’s analysis of the “Love Chapter” aim is to steer Christians to understand that these verses are not only relevant to people in relationship, but is an example on how we should treat others. Ross discusses that God is Love, and in 1 Corinthians 13.”Love Chapter” the Apostle Paul is explaining the true nature of God. Ross goes on to explain that Paul in Ephesians writes to the Church of Ephesus to intimated God in reference to how He is in 1 Corinthians 13.

If you thought 1 Corinthians 13 was only for weddings and people in relationships; you are missing an important lesson. God is Love and in 1 Corinthians 13, it explains how He loves you and how we should love others, even our enemies.

IPCC Ladies take a “Day-cation” at Oak Glen


Group Photo: Rosa, Cathy, Marjie, Bianca, Kara, Nancy, Rochelle, Maura, Maria.

October 2nd, 2014 - Oak Glen, CA - The Idyllwild Pines’ ladies took a day to relax and bond. Their destination of choice was Oak Glen. Why Oak Glen? Oak Glen is full of thriving apple farms, beautiful trees, fresh air, unique shops and apple donuts.

All of the ladies enjoyed apple picking at Riley’s Farm;  picking an apple from a tree was a new experience for some. In addition to apple picking, the ladies tried new fruit jams, apple donuts. and apple cider at Snow-Line Orchard.  At lunch the ladies headed to Oak Tree Village. The ladies enjoyed home-style foods and home-style hospitality at  Apple Annie’s Restaurant and Bakery .IMG_0879

Overall, the ladies had a lot of fun and learned more about each other outside of the everyday busy camp life.


Two Families Continue Camp Tradition for Children

The Caldwell Family and Kerschner Family are back for the 3rd consecutive year to help Idyllwild Pines with maintenance projects around the camp. IMG_0821

The Caldwell family and the Kerschner family are originally from Paso Robles, and after sometime, both families made the move to Southern California. The two families have become close friends over the years; raising their children together and doing fun activities together.

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6 Steps to Help You Overcome Challenges In Your Ministry

Idyllwild Pines Camp and Conference Center (IPCC) is a ministry and understands the challenges we face being a Christian organization aiming to help people be reconciled to God. published an article titled, 6 Steps to Help You Overcome Challenges in Your church leaderMinistry. The article comments that “challenges only grow and get more complicated when we push them aside; we need to start confronting them systematically”.

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