Verse of the Day – Genesis 39:23


“The keeper of the prison did not look into anything that was under Joseph’s authority, because the Lord was with him; and whatever he did, the Lord made it prosper.” Gen 39:23

Are your circumstances far from ideal at the moment? Do you feel confined by them? Do you wish you were in a different job, a different place, or a different relationship? Whatever your circumstances, this passage shows that if you stay faithful to God you can experience His presence, His favor and His blessing right where you are.

Sneak Peak of Park in the Pines


Exciting renovations are being planned for Idyllwild Pines Camp to improve camp recreation areas.  One example is the new Park in the Pines, a multi-stage redesign of the Playground, Horse-Shoe Pit, Volleyball Court and install of a Human Foosball Court.  The intention is to better use our grounds in a way that is more group friendly and visually appealing, all while utilizing mostly readily available camp resources.  The plan consists of four main stages that will be carried out over the course of the next several months in various phases and by the help of our volunteers!! See more details about our upcoming 2015 Volunteer Weekend!

Park in the PInes


Stage One: Volleyball Court Redesign
The current court does not allow for adequate space for proper play.  You have to currently serve against and under trees.  By removing some dirt on the North east corner and a small tree from the south east corner we will be able rotate the court 180 degrees and make use of the current dead space on the south end of the court.  The addition of new sand will also create a more comfortable playing surface for groups.

Stage Two: Upgrade Horseshoe Pits  horseshoe pit
The current four horse shoe pits are in poor condition. We want to create two industry standard pits complete with throwing pads and sand pits.




HumanFooseballStage Three: A Giant Human Foosball Court
Fun and exciting camp activity for youth or adult groups. The players all stand in a small wooden enclosure, holding onto a series of rotating poles while they try to shoot a soccer ball through the goal.

Stage Four: Playground
This plan is to vastly improve our playground with a log theme.  While our small playground is used by many it is in desperate need of upgrades.  All elements in the park will be chiefly created from logs of which we have a ready supply.  We will make use of the slide and swing set with some minor modifications. playgroundPlay




A New Way To Support Our Ministry: R4M



Thank you very much for your support of our ministry which continues to bless and encourage us!

I want to introduce you to a powerful new fundraising ministry whereby even more support is raised for our ministry. What’s exciting is that we raise funds without you having to give any more out of your own pocket. This ministry was founded by a Christian volunteer mission pilot who used the program to successfully raise money for his ministry for more than 20 years. Now he says that God has called him and his team to help other ministries like ours as well. They are blessing many missionaries and ministries around the world and we hope to be another to benefit from it.

Please click here to view a short but informative video produced by this wonderful new organization whose sole purpose is to financially benefit Christian missionaries, ministries and charities. It beautifully explains how you can continue to help our ministry at no additional cost to you. After you’ve watched it, I hope you will then sign up to Join the Team as one of our supporters in order to receive occasional updates designed to help keep me and my ministry “front of mind”. I also hope you will post this site on your own Facebook page and encourage others you know to check it out as well.

Thank you very much for taking a few minutes to explore this easy and powerful new way to bless our ministry even more. I think you will be as amazed as I’ve been how something so routine can result in something so huge.

God bless you!


Encounter•924 (Summer Leadership Program)



Encounter:924 is not your typical summer camp job experience. This is a program designed to help students gain Confidence, Hope and Courage to make an impact in their generation. See Highlights from 2014!

Developed at Idyllwild Pines Camp, ENCOUNTER:924 is a unique summer experience that gives students the opportunity to develop a significant leadership advantage. It empowers them to live purposefully, to lead confidently, and to make a greater positive impact in every life context; whether in their Career, Marriage, Parenting, Ministry or Community.

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Executive Director’s Note (Jan 2015)


How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. - Anne Frank, Diary of a Young Girl  

As I write this on Jan 10, Amnesty International is calling the killings “a disturbing and bloody escalation” and a local defense group says its fighters have given up trying to count the bodies. Hundreds of bodies – too many to count – remain strewn in the bush in Nigeria from an extremist attack that Amnesty International described as the “deadliest massacre” in this group’s history. 

Each day the news around the world is full of horrific stories like this that cause me to mourn the human suffering and ask, “Lord, what can we do?!”

It can all feel overwhelming sometimes.

But God is faithful to remind me that He has already won the victory and I need not worry about things I am not called to do. If only I will trust and obey Him and go and do what He calls me to do He will use me to make a difference.

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Make Your Dreams A Reality In 2015


Relevant Magazine publish a little “How-To” piece on how to get your New Year’s goals started. The article states six thing you need to do to set your goals and dreams on the path to reality: Get Clear, Find Advisors, Map It Out, Pray Hard, Stay Alert and Flexible, and Start Small. Read more about how you can actually accomplish your goals, click the link: It’s Not Impossible to Stick to Your Goals this Year.


Volunteers Invest in Idyllwild Pines


voluteer babies 3Here at Idyllwild Pines Camp and Conference Center we are frequently blessed by the service of volunteers who give their time to help us maintain our camp so that we can continue to serve our community. We are blessed not only by the service of these volunteers, but by their willingness to serve and their giving hearts. See more volunteer pictures.

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2015 Volunteer Weekend



 Register Here for the 2015 Volunteer Weekend

2015 Volunteer Weekend Flyer

This February, Idyllwild Pines Camp will be hosting a volunteer weekend for those who feel called to give time to serve the camp community. Volunteers will be able to help with projects to beautify our camp and help us prepavolunteer babies 2re for the campers coming in the spring and summer. Guests will also be able to enjoy a campfire with worship and s’mores, and a family fun night. This is a great opportunity to spend time with your family and friends in service. The work that volunteers do for us enable us to reach more campers and impact lives throughout the year. All ages are welcome, but volunteer work is best suited for adults and children eight and older. Check-in will be on Friday February 27th at 2 pm, and check-out will be Sunday at 10 am. Meals will be provided. For more information, questions, or to register for the event, please email Marjie Ibanez at When registering, please provide the names and ages of all the guests in your party, along with your contact information and any special dietary requirements. Also, please list any special talents you have that you think might be useful. Upon registering, you will be sent a suggested packing list and a weekend schedule.

Our camp does have specific needs, and if you have any of the following experience and you wish to dedicate some of your time to help us at camp, we would be especially excited. Some of our specific needs right now include Masonry, Plumbing, and Contracting. We appreciate the generosity of all volunteers that help our camp continue to serve others throughout the year. Everyone who volunteers with us leaves a lasting impression, whether they come to us with a ton of experience, or only a willy heart.

Been putting off reading the Bible? It’s never too late.


Recieved this very important reminder today… Don’t start your day off without Him!  It is never too late to begin a relationship with Christ and discover His purpose in our lives. Here is a popular program that can be used online or on a smart phone to help start the new year right.

Try a bible plan that’s right for you! Plans are a simple way to read the Bible every day, just a little at a time. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, direction, or a fresh perspective, the Bible App has Plans that meet you where you are. Start small. You’re more likely to complete a shorter Plan than a long one, especially when you’re just beginning. Then, as soon as you finish the Plan you’re on, find your next one and tap start.  Begin a plan today!


New Improvements to 90 Year Old Camp!


December 23rd, 2014, Idyllwild, CA - Operations Director, Kelly Schlenz, and his talented team have been working towards several big remodeling and renovation projects around camp. The team have removed the popcorn ceiling of Meadow Lodge and the Chapel, and have replaced it with a smooth glossy ceiling.

In addition, the team have begun the remodeling of Cabin 95. Cabin 95 has been “out of use” since the summer due to its lack of insulation and unappealing interior. The plan is to remodel Cabin 95 by adding insulation, drywall, carpet, nice furniture and a bathroom. Cabin 95 should be ready to be rented out by summer 2015.

We are so excited to see how God will continue to place His hand of provision on our camp. We are very blessed to have hard working individuals and generous donors. Overall, great plans of remodeling are on their way for our 90 year old camp in 2015.

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