Verse of the Day: Jeremiah 29:11


Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”hope


We often read Jeremiah 29 like it is good news, plain and simple. But to the first people who heard those words, they were a tremendous disappointment. God’s people had suffered terribly. They had lost their land, their throne, their temple. Before Jerusalem fell in battle, the people had given in to cannibalism. They were then force-marched 800 miles and paraded (literally) through a pagan city in which they were now considered as the living symbols of the power of that city’s god.

It was into this kind of despair that Jeremiah offered God’s promise: “I know the plans I have for you … plans for your welfare and not for your harm, to give you a future and a hope.” They were not easy words to hear. Jeremiah promised that God had a plan that was certain and inevitable. But it would not unfold on Israel’s timetable. It would not simply undo Israel’s hardship. Yet the promise stood: God would fully restore His people and bring them out of their desperate situation, but He would not do it in the way any of them would have planned it.

Chris Blumhofer, Relevant Magazine


Why the Church Needs More Troublemakers


troublemakersRelevant Magazine answers the question “Why the Church Needs More Troublemakers” in this compelling article about taking risks, making sacrifices, and changing the world.


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Now Hiring! Employment Opportunities


Welcome to Idyllwild Pines Camp Career Page. We are honored by your interest in serving with our ministry. Idyllwild Pines Staff Members are motivated by their passion for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with nearly 8,000 guest who visit our facility each year.

Prayer is the foundation of our ministry at Idyllwild Pines Camp; and as we aspire to surrender to Him and walk in obedience to His Word, our staff is used in mighty ways. If you have a passion for people growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ, desire to serve the Lord in the unique ways He has gifted you, and you are interested in exploring a ministry opportunity at Idyllwild Pines Camp– we welcome you to begin the process by checking out our current openings below:

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To Apply: Please submit your Employment Application IP and/or Resume to or my fax (951) 659-5195.  For more information please call (951) 659-2605 and ask for Cindy Cooley.

Volunteers Invest in Idyllwild Pines


voluteer babies 3Here at Idyllwild Pines Camp and Conference Center we are frequently blessed by the service of volunteers who give their time to help us maintain our camp so that we can continue to serve our community. We are blessed not only by the service of these volunteers, but by their willingness to serve and their giving hearts. See more volunteer pictures.

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How Connecting With God is Different For Everyone

Idyllwild Pines, nestled in the beautiful San Jacinto Mountains, is a perfect place to get away from the noise of the city and “connect with God”. But what does “connecting with God” really look like? Is it sitting quietly and thinking, or is it worshiping with reckless abandoned? It can be, but it is different for everyone. Idyllwild Pines believes that “connecting with God” can be done through worship, prayer, quiet reflection, high ropes activities, paintball, hiking, playing an instrument, volunteering, and other activities.  Relevant Magazine published an article titled, What Does It Actually Mean to “Connect to God”, which aims to explain how “connecting with God” looks different in each of our lives. Article author, Jimmy Fabrizio, urges us all that “We have to get used to the idea that there are a million different ways to spend time with God, to hear His voice, to draw near to Him”. God made us like no other person, blessing us with different gifts and through them we can tap into hearing His voice, His promise, His glory, and His will.



Arcadia High School Music Camp at Idyllwild Pines

IMG_0691 Idyllwild, CA, August 17 – 22, 2014 –  Arcadia High School Marching Band and Color Guard enjoyed their Music Camp at Idyllwild Pines Camp for the 19th year.  This year’s theme for the band’s  music selection is ” Follow The Leader”.   Continue reading

Encounter: 924 Highlights: Week #5


June 30th, 2014 – July 6th, 2014, Idyllwild, CA, Idyllwild Pines Camp’s Encounter 924 students continued their summer leadership training, spiritual teaching, life skill training, and fun. Here are the highlights of the week.

Leadership Training with Kevin Relyea

Leadership Training with Kevin this week touched on a specific lie leaders believe. The lie was “I do not have what it takes to do what God has called me to be or do”. This negative self-talk runs through the minds of Christian leaders and in some various form in non-Christian leaders. We are always comparing ourselves others and limiting our abilities. Encounter students shared moments where they felt unequipped, insecure, and defeated. The lie has often prevented them from taking a job, going to school, or pursuing a passion. Relyea explained to the students that Satan tries to tell us that we are not good enough to do the amazing things God has called us to do. He brings out our insecurities and attempts to magnify them, so that, it becomes our only identity. Relyea passed out a handout that had a list of scriptural verses that describes who we are in Christ. It was encouraging to read a couple of the verses. They help renew the minds of our young leaders and reinforced their identities.


Lucero Aguilar belaying campers on Zip Line. Encounter students are encourage to use the leadership training at rope courses.

Lastly, Relyea asked Encounter students to write their own eulogy. Encounter student wrote a list of qualities that they would like for people to say about them. It was an exercise to make them think what they would want to be remembered by. Next week the students will write out on how they will make those comments real. What will it take to be remembered like they wished on their eulogy?  

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Encounter:924 Highlights: Week #1

Encounter924logo_redux_1June 3, 2014 – June 6, 2014, Idyllwild, CA, Encounter 924 students started their summer leadership training, spiritual teaching, life skill training, and fun. Here are the highlights of the week! Encounter week #1   Continue reading