Women Of Christmas: Elizabeth

The Idyllwild Pines Camp & Conference’s ladies are gathering for bible study every Thursday for lunch. In preparation for Christmas, the study focuses on the extraordinary miracles God did in the lives of Mary, Elizabeth (Zachariah’s Wife), and Anna through the Book of Luke.  Also, the study group is following Liz Curtis Higgs’ Women of Christmas, which provides commentary that allows for reflection and life application. Liz Curtis Higgs adds that Christmas is a season for reflection, for preparation, and for renewal.

This book allows women to connect with the women in the Christmas story. Elizabeth, Mary and Anna were real women  who whole-heartedly followed God.

Lesson from Elizabeth

Elizabeth was the wife of Zachariah. Zachariah and Elizabeth were that humble and obedient couple who consistently serve the Lord. According to Luke 1:6 : Both of them (Elizabeth and Zachariah) were upright in the sight of God, observing all the Lords commandments and regulations blamelessly.

Though Zachariah and Elizabeth were obedient to God, that did not mean they were perfect. Zachariah and Elizabeth  were childless. Elizabeth was barren, and both, Zachariah and Elizabeth were past their prime. These two Godly people faced  difficulty, and yet they remained faithful and hopeful. Elizabeth probably felt like an inadequate wife, and fell prey of many insecurities. Still late in her age, she kept calm and held on to God’s promises.

Then one day, God sent an angel, Gabriel, to Zachariah and told him hat this wife, Elizabeth, would birth a son and he would be named John. God had heard and answered Zachariah’s and Elizabeth’s prayers.

This passage resonates to any couples who have faced infertility, and it resonates to women who are just waiting for a special request. Elizabeth waited many years. She stayed strong and placed all her trust in God.  So this Christmas remember that God is a cheerful giver just place your trust upon him. For nothing is impossible for God.

Verse of the Day – Luke 6:40

Students are not above their teacher, but all who are fully trained will be like their teacher. (Luke 6:40)

One reason why modeling is so important in the making of disciples is, as every parent can tell you, disciples—like children—become who you are and not what you teach them to be. The old saying is true: things are easier caught than taught.